Funky Pigeon Discount code Christmas 2012

In Blog by Simon

Okay, this is slightly off topic, but it is here for two reasons. Like me, I know many people (blokes?) aren’t great at getting things organised ahead of time, so Christmas creates some shopping pressure… and of course everything costs more this month compared to last, let alone this year compared to last, and we all like to try and save a few quid. So the solution? Half price off all orders on Funky Pigeon (dot com). They mainly sell personalised¬†cards, but also a few other gifts… all I ask is that you share this page – Tweet, or Like to reveal the 50% off promo code – share this with your friends, and move fast – it worked for me, but I don’t know when this code expires!

[share-to-unlock sharing_services=”Facebook,Twitter”]Code to use on check out is FUNKYASP[/share-to-unlock]