The 3 Simple rules of email….

In Blog, Productivity by Simon

For anybody who works with information (who doesn’t?) unless you really have to, I highly recommend the following when managing your email…

1. Stay off email lists that could cause any kind of distraction (or send them to a secondary email account if you must)

2. Only check emails a MAXIMUM of three times a day, ideally at set times.

3. Disable email alert notifications on all your mobile devices (helps no. 2 above)

Thats it!

If you can get down to inbox zero and then start following these rules, you’ll soon find you are managing your email, not that your email is managing you (bad for productivity and profits!). Getting out of the habit of checking emails on your smart phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night will allow you to focus your mind on the important things. Not the out of the blue emails that have 90% chance of eating up your valuable time, not making you a profit.