What is Search Visibility?

In SEO by Simon

Search visibility is essential a way to describe how visible a certain website is for certain keywords, within the search engine result pages (SERPS). There are a variety of way that this is calculated, and it boils down to which vender is used to supply the rank tracking data and related calculations. At SCL we favour the software seranking.com for tracking keyword rankings, as after many years of using a variety of solutions, we find it to be one of the most accurate and also most capable software solutions.


The definition of Search visibility for seranking.com is the share of impressions a website gets in a given search engine for a given search query. Putting it in other words, website search engine visibility shows the percentage of users who will see the site upon entering a particular search query into the search box. Through a special algorithm, the system assigns a different number of points to each search query depending on the site’s SERP position.

The higher the ranking is, the higher the score. On top of that, the system also takes the query’s search volume into account where the same rule applies: the higher the search volume is, the higher the score.

All the assigned points are then inserted into a special formula that calculates the site’s current visibility on Google or another search engine that’s been added to the given project. Here’s what it looks like:


Full details for those that are interested can be found here: https://seranking.com/blog/analysis-of-search-visibility-with-se-ranking/