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Approving Manager Accounts and Accounts Summary Requests

In Pay per Click by Simon

If you are reading this, either we have requested access to your Adwords / Bing Ads accounts, or you were searching how to do this. This short guide shows you exactly how to approve these requests.

Adwords Manager Accounts (formerly known as MCC Multi Client Center)

When logged into Adwords, on the top right hand side click on the gear and into “Account settings”:

Adwords account settings

On the left hand side click into “Account access.”

Adwords account settings

Under the Client Managers section you should see a request awaiting approval. Click on “Accept request.”

Client Manager Accept Request

You will have a Terms of Service warning you have to click OK on and then you will be told that your updates have been saved. Job Done – just ping the requestor a quick email to confirm, Google doesn’t always seem to Alert the requestor when this has been completed.

Bing Ads Account Summary

When logged into Bing Ads, click on the gear icon at the top right and click and into Accounts and Billing:

Bing Ads Settings

Then on the page that loads, click on the “Requests” tab to view pending access requests:

Bing Ads Approve Request

Next, simply click the request and then click “Accept”

accept bing ads request

Thats it! It can take upto 2 hours for the account to show up in the Agency Accounts Summary.

If you have any problems please let us know in the comments!