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Testing Social Signals: The power of the social media ‘ghost town’ [Infographic]

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Its quite amazing how Google operate. Preference in the search results seems to be given more in favour of sites that have good Google Plus business profiles, compared to similar Facebook and Twitter profiles… a coincidence?  Or possibly a factor in the algorithm to try and gradually drive business away from the power house that is Facebook to the small by comparison ‘new comer’ (again relatively speaking) Google Plus?

A test recently concluded by a website placement firm demonstrates that a website connected to a Google Plus business profile with over 100 followers ended up moving up in the rankings compared to websites linked to a Facebook page with 100 fans, a twitter account with many re-tweets etc.  The test wasn’t in-depth or scientific, but certainly an interesting indicator… what do you think?

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the Ghost twon reference is all about… a client of mine who is a big twitter user recently described G+ as a ghost town compared to the world of twitter. All depends on your follow / follower numbers, but in terms of activity he has a point… All the more strange how G+ page followers has such an influence eh G?


Testing Social Signals