Productivity tips for 2016

How to stay focused and productive

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We’ve posted a few times before about productivity, and this new short post is here simply because productivity is arguably one of the most important factors (especially in the early stages) of making any business successful.

Want to know where all of you time goes? Track it!

Use a tool such as the awesome Toggl or go the whole hug and have a back ground process log everything you do and send you reports with Rescue Time.

Want to make notes that you can find easily where ever you are?

Make them with Evernote Рvia the web, PC app, smart phone and  tablet apps. Even take a picture of something and it will scan any text to make it searchable in your Evernote account.

Want some hints on how best to Focus in this age of distraction? Check out the diagram below, its pinned permanently to my office wall!


How to Focus, Avoid Distraction