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Linking Google Analytics and Adwords

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UPDATED: If you are paying for clicks from Google Adwords, its essential you know where those people clicking your ads and costing you end up on your website – do they disappear after a few seconds or do they engage with your content, a sign that they are happy they found what they were looking for? The simplest way to achieve this is by ensuring your website is set up with a Google Analytics profile, and then link the two together – you’ll then be able to see users from every Campaign, Ad group, keyword and search query directly in Analytics, from where you can see what they do or don’t do – and work out which of your keywords and ads are working the most effectively. The best way to track this is to set up Goals in Google Analytics, which may be something like purchase a product, download a file or make an enquiry. You can then from which keywords users are most likely to ‘convert’ and reach the goal of your site. You can also set up multiple and multi-step goals, but I’ll save that for another post.

UPDATE October 2013

As usual Google are changing things all the time, the technique in the video below is now redundant… this link covers quite niceyl how to do this – actually easier than it used to be!


I find this video is a great tutorial on how to link the two accounts together – i couldn’t have put it better myself! You will need to be an administrator with the same Google account on both the Adwords and Analytics accounts for this to work. Any problems let us know in the comments, and if you really want further help on getting the best out of your adwords spend, please contact us!