What’s next for SCL

In Blog, News by Simon

Well, first post for 15 months… Can it really be that long? We’ve been busy bees over the last year and a half and have been steadily growing. The priory for delivering services for clients has always won out over updating the website… But that’s soon to change.

We have learnt a huge amount over the last three and a half years and have really started growing up as a business… We’ve left behind the stabilisers now that’s for sure!

We’ve made some great connections, retained many great clients and got lots of new clients too. As a way to help other similar young businesses we’ll soon be releasing a white paper all about setting up a digital marketing agency (which is what we’ve essentially evolved into). This will be totally free of charge, and will be followed soon after with a training course that will really help new business owners fast track through the early months, learn how to maximise profits, minimise wastage and avoid pitfalls.

Watch this space!